About Us

Stellar Live is a specialize event development and management company that provides a comprehensive service to a wide range of clients across a variety of event activities at the local, regional and international levels.

Stellar Live team provides an expert, independent, and creative tips in understanding the clients events objectives then recommend an optimal balanced event solution, and finally manage all aspects of events activation.

As for this event, Stellar Live will create a new event concept which harmonize street-lifestyle product expo and music concert.

Stellar Fest, for the very first time in 2018 , We will Initiate a special type of Exhibition and Music Festival.

Stellar Fest, Focusing on Indie – Street – Culture , Capturing moment of Summer Sale to boost sales for Exhibitors. Summer sale will be the main factor for visitors to spend time with their loved ones.

Stellar Fest¬†will elevate it’s level with three elements, Targeted Exhibitors from local, renowned brands, International level entertainers, and local¬†tech Start-ups Exhibitions.

Indie Street Culture, particulary in Jakarta and surrounding area, has been an inseparable aspect of the Urban Societies.

As a way to reach larger market, most major cities in Indonesia have held Indie Clothing and Music Festival at least once a year, these events have attracted many visitors, escpecially youngsters from urban areas.

Other than fashion and clothing industry, Indie-Street Culture has grown into wide varieties of industries, such as culinary, furniture, barbershop, coffee shop, start-ups, and many other products.

Stellar Fest will feature many aspects of Indie Culture from lifestyle products (such as apparel, sneakers, accessories, barbershops, furniture, hair products and culinaries), skateboard competition, and murals.

These brands will take part in different kinds of sales program which will attract visitors, that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Visitores will be able to shop through different kinds of indie products all-in-one-place with mouth-watering discounts and bonus, not to mention the top class entertainment they get to enjoy while shopping at Stellar Fest.

Indie : Term that describe any artist or consumer that is especially stimulated by art and craftmanship, they pay attention to the quality of the clothing they wear, the coffee they drink, and they seek deeper meaning in music or film more than the average person.


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